Child Custody Mistakes can be costly.  Don’t handicap your Maryville Divorce Lawyer.

No doubt throughout your life you’ve tried to be the best parent you can be.  Now you’ve got to insure that every action you take when you are fighting for what’s best for your children will actually help you help them.

In many cases the same 10 Child Custody Mistakes are made.  divorce lawyer maryville

Mistake #1:  Clouded Judgment.  Don’t let your animosity toward your spouse (or soon to be ex-spouse) cloud your judgment.

Remember that the most important thing is looking out for the best interests of your child or children.  This is your chance to look out for the kids when your marriage is broken.  The courts really don’t spend much time on the WHY of a broken marriage.  They look primarily on how to protect the children; and  that’s how it should be.

Be careful not to talk negatively or disrespectfully about the other parent in front of the children.  This will NOT help you will, maintain, or modify custody.  Courts simply don’t see this as a sign that you’ll set aside the bickering that often goes with broken relationships long enough to look out for your children.

One dumb move can make the difference between you having custody of your children or your spouse or ex-spouse.

 Check out the video below for additional tips on how to avoid child custody mistakes.


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