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Getting a divorce?  A child custody hearing is coming.


Of course, that presumes that you have children.

We all love our children.

Unfortunately due to the passions that are stirred in a divorce case often the child custody fight is used as a way to “get back” at the other party.

If you love your kids, DON’T DO THIS!divorce lawyer maryville

However, sometimes the battle over child custody is not about retaliation or revenge. It’s about who can give the best nurturing care for the children.

Help your Maryville Divorce Lawyer by being honest. Assume that the other side will present all of your “negatives” when you get to court. Don’t let your divorce lawyer get surprised at the hearing.

You’re going to hear that the court is guided by determining what’s in the “best interest of the child.”  When you hear that, if you are deeply devoted to your kids and not in the child custody fight for revenge or to exact a price on your spouse, you’ll feel comforted.  Not so fast.

What you believe is in the “best interest of the child” and what the court finds may be diametrically opposed.  One of the biggest keys is for you get your story heard in a compelling and convincing fashion.  This requires an experienced Maryville divorce lawyer.  Understand that it will also be necessary to discredit the other side.  These are just the facts of life.

Most mothers are nurturing and caring.  Are you?  How do you prove that?  Understand that the judge will only know what your divorce attorney presents in court.  If you are a mother, no doubt you’ve spent many hours cooking, cleaning, bathing, and generally caring for the kids.  You should think about how best to prove this to a judge.  Recognize that your opponent will be attempting to prove the opposite.

A child custody fight is no place for personal vendettas.  You should remember to focus on the core issue:  how can I prove to the judge that my idea of what is in the “best interest of the child” should be adopted by the court.

 Get an Experienced Divorce Lawyer at the Start

Many people believe that the truth will prevail.  Unfortunately, the “truth” presented in a compelling and convincing fashion will prevail.  That’s why you’ve got to hire an experienced divorce lawyer at the beginning of your case.  Why a divorce lawyer?  That’s where most of the child custody cases are fought.

Look for the attorney who is well known in the local courts.  It really matters how the attorneys interact with the judges.  You may want to find an attorney who knows the judge well and who appears in that judge’s court often.

Remember that your lawyer is called on to evaluate the facts impassionately.  This doesn’t mean your divorce lawyer doesn’t care. One of the great values of having a lawyer is that you can have an objective advice.  If you are involved (or expect to be) involved in a child custody battle there are a number of things to consider.

You probably want to begin by calling a number of lawyers and asking about an initial consultation.  Often attorneys will grant you the first consultation free.  This is really the only way the attorney can know if she can help and if you are a good fit for what she hopes to accomplish for you.  In the call to the office, be sure to ask about rates.  There’s no need for you to spend time with an attorney who you could not afford even with help from your family or friends.  Once you’ve made a number of calls, you should narrow your search down to three child custody attorneys.  Set up the initial consultation.

Be prepared with your information about your case and with your questions.  It would even be helpful to either write out (or type) the information and questions.  You will have a limited time during this initial consultation.  Use it wisely.

Once you’ve finished the three consultations usually you can trust your gut (yes, a technical term).   Ask yourself:

  •  Did I feel at ease telling my story, my experience, and my concerns?
  • Did the attorney appear to care about my needs and my desires?
  • If this is my only shot to keep custody of my kids do I want this attorney to be my advocate?

Once you’ve answered these questions, the selection of your Maryville Divorce Lawyer will most likely be obvious.

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