When the very rich decide to split there’s often significant money on the line. This is the case with Jeff Bezos and his wife McKenzie who have been married for 25 years. Yes, you know the name Jeff Bezos. Have you ever heard of Amazon? Just a joke. Of course you have.

Jeff and McKenzie are residents of the state of Washington where all married couples presumptively own their property together. That’s commonly referred to as a “community property” state. (Just a note here: Tennessee is NOT a “community property” state. ) Who knows how much cash they have. In order to pay for such a huge settlement Jeff may have to liquidate a significant portion of his holdings in Amazon. It’s currently believe that he owns approximately 16% of the total outstanding stock. Certainly, she may just want a portion of the stock transferred to her so a liquidation is not required. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, much of this may be played out in public view. Jeff announced the divorce via Twitter.