Considering a Divorce Lawyer in Maryville?  Should you go it alone?


No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your impending divorce, everyone deserves to be treated as fairly as possible.

If you have been considering going through a divorce, you may be puzzled by where to begin. You may even be considering how you can get a divorce without a lawyer.  Of course, there are divorce kits, which promise to assist you through the process, and state governments may even have packets or directions on how to obtain a divorce. These options can be enticing if you would prefer to save money, but you could stand to lose much more if you do not at least seek an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer. Whether you live in Maryville, Alcoa or any other area surrounding Blount County, you probably don’t want to try to navigate your divorce without a Maryville Divorce Lawyer.  Divorce Lawyer Maryville

Why You Should Consider a Lawyer

One of the best ways a lawyer can help is by guiding you through the process and letting you know where to begin. There are multiple other reasons to consult a lawyer instead of trying to get a divorce without a lawyer, so here are just a few compelling reasons.

          Let Me Count the Ways

  • Every state has their own unique approach to divorces, and it is possible that a particular county of residence may have different requirements as well as far as what constitutes an allowable reason for a divorce. Trying to pick out the right reason to use can be a daunting task.
  • Divorce lawyers have run into many different scenarios when trying to determine the best reasons for divorce and may be able to advise you, or provide information you may not have considered without guidance when establishing your legal grounds for divorce.

The Convenience Factor

  • If you are in the middle of contemplating or seeking a divorce, chances are you are emotionally overwhelmed and physically exhausted from dealing with all of the complications. The last thing you need is a ream of paperwork that needs to be filed according to proper measures and timelines. Attempting a divorce without a lawyer means you would also be the paperwork person, and filing person. The headaches can accumulate quickly from that point.
  • Divorce attorneys in Maryville know the types of benefits you are entitled to, as well as key considerations, which need to be legally addressed such as alimony, child support, custody options, and debt responsibility. These are just a few of the topics with which divorce lawyers are very familiar.

Enjoy a Buffer Effect

  • If you are concerned about dealing with your spouse directly, it is a very good idea to have a lawyer who can represent you. If one or both of you wanted to get a divorce without a lawyer, you could risk being misguided.
  • For anyone with abuse reasons for divorce, or who simply are fearful or too hurt to deal effectively with repeated meetings with our soon to be former spouse, a lawyer can serve as an additional layer of comfort and protection. They may even be able to take care of many situations without your presence if safety is a concern.

Impartial Financial Advice

  • When you divorce without a lawyer, you end up trying to see into a murky future to prevent yourself from being overly burdened with financial issues that can sometimes wreck your ability to have a financial future at all. Dreams of a home, vehicle, or a business could all be ruined if you are saddled with an unfair amount of debt that cannot be repaid.
  • A lawyer can also help you be sure that you and your spouse are being treated fairly where shared finances and debt are concerned.

Many divorce lawyers will be able to tell you if your circumstances are suitable for trying to do a divorce on your own.  Most are not. If you have children, property together, or debt in both names, it is in your best interest to let a divorce lawyer in Maryville to help you rather than try to get a divorce without a lawyer.



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