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Surviving Divorce

Can you really survive this divorce?

The answer is a resounding YES!!!!

Sometimes it doesn’t fee this way. Take a few minutes to watch Dr. David Sbarra from the University of Arizona talk about how to survive divorce.  It will help as you navigate this difficult path.  But remember, the answer is YES!


He begins by talking about “Why Moments”, you know the ones, what do I do now?  No doubt youve asked yourself that question.

A Maryville Divorce Lawyer can help you when you are ready.  If you are facing divorce, you may want to read Tips for Men Who are Faced With Divorce.

Divorce Lawyer’s Guide to Staying Married Interview

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Do Divorce Lawyers Really Want You to Stay Married?

Eventhough helping you navigate the rocky waters of divorce court is a lawyers job and how the lawyer makes a living, believe me, lawyers aren’t out there applauding when another marriage fails.

Check out this video interview of attorney Wendy Jaffee discusses her book “Divorce Lawyer’s Guide to Staying Married Interview”.

You may also want to check out this article on Tips for Men Faced with Divorce.

Is My Wife Cheating? 5 Hints That a Divorce May Be Coming.

Cheating wife

My wife is cheating on me. I’m nearly certain of it. Does that mean divorce?

On that magic day when your wife walked down the aisle, you looked into her face and then pledged your love “until death do us part.”
Cheating wife
Unfortunately, sometimes that pledge is tested when you become concerned that your wife is cheating on you with another man. You don’t want to even think that it could be possible. You don’t even dare utter the words.

Yet, you’ve now got concerns. You’ve picked up some hints that something’s not right.


** She is away from the home on an increasing frequency, even when you’d normally expect her to be there for “family time.”

** She’s working late a lot. Her explanation is that there’s this big project or a big deadline. However the big project or big deadline seems to keep moving.

** Hang up calls on the phone or increasing in frequency. Usually the hangups occur when you pick up the phone. With personal cell phones you might have noticed that she takes a call then walks out of the room.

** She has changed the way she dresses; both outerwear and underwear.

** She doesn’t seem to be as interested in having intimate relations with you.

All of the hints listed above are hints that your wife is having an affair. You may be looking for a Maryville divorce lawyer because you’ve noticed some or all of these things. However, divorce is not the only solution.

Divorce attorney Miles Mason talks about the four key things that must be present in order to facilitate cheating in the video below.



An experience divorce lawyer can help you decide what to do next. Until you speak with your divorce lawyer you may want to:

1. Obtain itemized phone bills, especially from the cell phone carrier. This is easier if you are both on the same account.

2. Obtain passwords to email, computer log-on and social media accounts. Remember that passwords and usernames can be changed.  So if you want to “look into” the past activity, you should do it before confronting your wife. Keep printed copies, paper or digital of what you find.

3. Make a complete back-up of the hard drive on the home computer.

4. Obtain copies of all credit cards statements upon which she has authority to charge.

Once you have all that, be sure to store the information in a location other than your home. All of this may become evidence if you do eventually become involved in a divorce case.

A cheating spouse is heart breaking. Many times it leads to divorce. However, only you will be able to make that decision. Remember that if you consult with a Maryville divorce lawyer, that lawyer will not have his life tied up in the relationship with your wife. His job is to assist you to evaluate the situation objectively, but not to make the decision for you. It is your marriage that is at stake. Infidelity doesn’t always mean it’s over.

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Tips for Men Who are Faced With Divorce

Maryville Divorce Lawyer presents Attorney Jim Ratzer who discusses “What Men Need to Know About Divorce”.

First, this attorney who himself has worked through his own divorce says that you should first be armed with information.  Emotions run high in this situation because you’ve invested something very precious in your marriage: your heart.

Next he says that you really need to think about what property is marital property, that is, what belongs to both of you and what did you (or your wife) bring into the marriage.  This will be important when you meet with your divorce attorney whether the attorney is located in Maryville or somewhere else.

Check out the video below for all of attorney Ratzer’s tips:

Other issues include Child Custody and Division of Assets.