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Your Spouse Just Asked for a Divorce.  Now What?

When you hear the words, “I want a divorce” most often your world is rocked.  Of course you knew you had problems in the relationship (most of the time).  But in most instances it is always believed that over time this “tough patch” can be worked through.

This time it hasn’t.

You are reelling.

What did I do?

What could I have done?

What comes next?

What about the kids?

What about finances?

What will I tell my mom?

What are my legal rights?

It is the last question that most likely brought you to this site.

The choice of the attorney who will guide you through these difficult times is important.  Here you can find information to help you make that decision.  Search the site, and you’ll find articles to answer some of the questions above.  Some only you can answer.

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